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What do we do?

We curate and create experiential online/offline workshops for businesses and institutions to enable & empower professionals and students to lead creative & compassionate lives.

Our offerings:

New Normal - Skills post Covid -19

Design Thinking

Startup Launchpad

Compassionate Leadership

Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

Professional Brand Building

Digital Marketing

Creative Thinking

Storytelling for Impact

Who are we?

Lifelong learners and passionate about Design Thinking, Sezel & Tharun are the co-founders of fire.fly.

They come with experience from working in companies like LinkedIn, Google, Deloitte Digital, Yahoo! & Flipkart, and believe that the learning mindset is a must have skill today.

Join us as we bring a little more empathy to the world!

Write to us @ sezel@firedotfly.com

Call us at +91 97403 20951

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