Crafting Startup Pitch Decks

A kickass pitch deck can seal a deal - whether it’s a project presentation or a startup pitch for raising funds. We have seen so many presentations in our life & I am sure we distinctly remember the ones we fell asleep in and the ones that made us go - WOW!

Whenever we sit to make a presentation, we always try to make it different, we always say - oh how can I make mine, the best one, or how can I grab everyone’s attention?

Well, there are many tools out there to make your presentations memorable, some of them are: Prezi, Canva, Startup launchpad, Powtoons, Visme, Haiku Deck and Slide Bean.

But what if you have to create a Startup Pitch Deck? Lot of entrepreneurs come to us with this question, with this struggle.

Here are some tips on how you can ace your startup pitch deck & we have built an exclusive tool just for you, now you can create a pitch deck on the go!

  • Pitch & Storytelling are best friends: Pitch less like a presentation, more like a story. Weave your problems, solutions, insights, everything into a story that speaks to the audience.

  • Try to validate all your points through data: We all know numbers don’t lie. Do your research - primary & secondary. Use the analysis & insights in your slides to prove how grave your problem is (ex: A whopping 92% professionals want their current employer to be more empathetic) & add facts from your research (ex: We spoke to over 1000 entrepreneurs in the last 6 months and that helped us understand their struggles).

  • Keep it Short & Simple, silly! Always end way before time, giving your customers and investors enough time to ask questions, verify things & appreciate! Do not pitch for more than 8mins.

  • Good Practice is to have a 3-min elevator pitch ready: Sometimes events and investors run out of time, energy & interest. Best to have a powerful short pitch ready to swoon them and bring back their interest. It can sometimes even be without a deck, just some powerful public speaking can help ace that. Remember Shark Tank?

  • Be proud of your startup, your ideas & yourself: Nothing screams 'fund us' more than your confidence when you say it. Own your ideas, plans and pitch. Investors usually fund in people, the co-founders, speak proudly of your achievements, your work and perseverance - this will make them have confidence in you, and know that even if you fail, you'll pivot, work something out. They need to trust you.

Now that you are mentally prepared, go for the kill! We have a very easy tool to get you started on your pitches, click here to check it out!

Our startup launchpad platform is empowering entrepreneurs all over India to create pitches, business models & be part of a vibrant community, don't miss out, sign up here.

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