Fostering Creativity: Design Thinking with Young minds

The world is changing rapidly day by day. Who would have imagined we’d be indoors for close to two months or more in a lockdown! This pandemic has changed the way we live, work and play.

Our problems have changed and our solutions need to change as well! So, we got kids to rescue us!

We decided to take the help of children to give us some perspective and to enable us to think beyond. Children have a really unique outlook and we love working with them! There is nothing that stops them, no technical barriers, no corrupted ideas and such genuine interest!

We hosted a Design Thinking workshop and we had a dozen odd excited kids, aged 9 - 12yrs, with us on a Hangouts call for 6 mornings! In Design Thinking, children are pushed to learn through understanding and thinking over memorization; an essential skill for tackling the ever-changing world.

All our workshops are very hands-on and to be honest, this was the first time we were experimenting with facilitating them on an online platform. Surprisingly, it isn’t that difficult! If you call out their names, encourage them to use the chat option and engage them in games and projects, it’s a breeze!

We started with understanding and observing (empathy) with some listening activities and then they defined their statements too! After a ton of in-depth interviews & reasoning, they came up with some really mind blowing statements:

  • How might we strengthen the community for well being and caregiving, especially in cases of epidemics?

  • How might we improve the quality of the air we breathe?

  • How might we improve the condition of plants during our times when there is a lot of pollution?

  • How might we reduce corruption to ease the running of a business?

  • How might we reduce noise pollution in residential areas?

It was really stunning how these 9 -12 year olds were able to think, reason and be passionate about a problem and actually prototype solutions in such unique ways!

They used everyday things available at homes like newspapers, cups, balloons, sketchpens, etc. and prototyped with us! Some of the solutions they came up with were (reach out to us, in case you want to legit build these out :D)

  • Wearing a full body, light weight, almost invisible protective gear as we start stepping out into the world

  • Improving air quality by placing purifiers on billboards

  • Sound absorption fences and pavements in noisy localities

  • Dynamic traffic management system

  • Chemical air purifier inside homes

  • Healthier snacks with great taste!

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