Mitigate risks & uncertainties in your Business through

Design Thinking

We enable you and your business to grow by mitigating the most common risks & uncertainties facing your business through tools of

Design Thinking 

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How we do it?


We'll understand your business, your market, your competitors & your stakeholders, and then strategise a plan that will enable you mitigate your risks & understand your uncertainties.

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Customised Workshops

We lead expert workshops on mitigating risks & uncertainties through Design Thinking and we'll customise them to specifically cater to your company and business.



Sezel Lalwani & Tharun Jagateri have over 10 years of experience in leading internet companies like Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Flipkart & Deloitte Digital. They run their own startup now where they lead workshops on various themes of creativity and compassion. 

Who are we?